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My Skincare 101

A good skincare routine is essential. It makes us look better, it smells good and feels great when you do it right … but a skin care regime can take up those precious few minutes we’d rather be in bed on a Monday morning and I get it!

Improving our skin helps us feel fantastic with bare skin #thebagsundermyeyesaredesigner but also our makeup apply better, last longer.

This blog post is a sneak peak into my own current skincare routine – not that I’m claiming to be perfect, there are definitely odd nights where I drift off into blissful sleep with my mascara still on.

I have a few products in my skincare routine that I’m loyal to and others that I buy on the go and switch in and out monthly. I used to work near a Lush store so this brand is featured heavily as I couldn’t go on my lunch break without buying at least a bath bomb at one point. There are a few other brands, too. I’ll take you through the what and the why …



Johnson’s Face Care, Makeup Be Gone Moisturising Wipes – Boots, £3.49

I know face wipes aren’t the best for my skin but let’s be practical … I am lazy and I hate getting my face wet unless I’m in the shower or bath so when I just want to get the initial layer of makeup off my face it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s over. I use the Johnsons Makeup Be Gone, Moisturising Wipes, for dry skin. They feel super wet and oily which I like as they work fast and don’t leave my skin feeling stripped. If I’m making an effort not to use wipes I like to use a cream cleanser with cotton pads. The Vitamin E Cream Cleanser from The Body Shop is lovely.

Eau Roma Water, Toning Water – Lush, £8.50

I am obsessed with anything with a rose scented so I love this toner from Lush. I spray it onto cottons pads and run it all over my neck and face. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I also spray this on my beauty blender to apply my foundation so I have a nice hydrated, glowy finish.

Enchanted Eye Cream – Lush, £13.95

This is my desert island skincare product. I used to find, no matter what concealer or setting powder I used, I would get a horrible cracking, caked look to my under eyes and I was not loving it. After starting to use this eye cream my eyes felt so hydrated; whatever product I used would glide onto my skin and my under-eye circles were massively reduced. I have bought about 4 of these now and haven’t looked elsewhere, it lasts me ages.

Full of Grace Serum – Lush, £8.25

My skin has always been crazy oily and I’ve just learnt embrace and love the glow but a few years ago when I was mid-uni and stressing my skin became really combination – I was still oily but also would get the nasty dry breakouts on my nose and forehead whenever I was run down or stressed out and my moisturisers just weren’t doing the trick. I tried this serum and found it really soothing and calming on those areas. Now I use it morning and night, even before makeup. My nose does go shiny throughout the day but my skin feels great and that’s what powders are for! If you want to avoid the shine I would recommend using it as just part of your evening routine.

I switch it up moisturisers between day and night as using an SPF in the day is really important to me and giving my skin that extra hydration at night equally so.

Nivea Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle, SPF 30 – Boots, £10.99

My day cream is Nivea Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle, SPF 30. I’m not crazy in love with this product but it does the job. I haven’t burnt, I don’t mind the scent, it absorbs quickly and I find it easy to apply my makeup on top of. When this bottle has finished, I really want to try the La Roche Posay Facial Fluid spf 50 as I have read great reviews.

Nip + Fab Bee Sting Fix Cream Deluxe – Nip + Fab, £19.99

This was an impulse buy but will forever more be in my beauty bag. It’s quite a thick cream that applies really smoothly to my skin making it feels instantly plumped, smoothed and firmer. It does say you can use both day and night but I’ve found it nearly impossible to apply face makeup on top of as the cream creates a film over the skin but I would definitely recommend you to try for a night cream.

Grease Lightning, Spot Treatment – Lush, £6.50

I am prone to hormonal breakouts and I’m okay with it, everyone gets spots, so who cares? When I get a particularly painful or red spot I apply a little of this this treatment all around the area. It reduces redness within a few hours without drying out my skin and simply peels off in the morning. It’s definitely not a product strong enough for severe skin problems but I would recommend if only you get the occasional blemish.

Bubblegum, Lip Scrub – Lush, £5.50

This is a definite investment if you love wearing matte lip colour. Rub a little on, rinse off and voila new hydrated lips. Bob your favourite balm on before you go to bed and your pout with be perfected by the morning, ready for colour.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – Boots, £27

Eight Hour Cream is my favourite lip balm, it’s also great to apply to any dry patches of skin and groom your brows with as well! I always keep a tube on me. Some people don’t like the smell, it doesn’t bother me but you can buy unscented.

Rosy Cheeks, Face Mask – Lush, £6.95

I’m really into face masks of any kind, I used to be obsessed with the Cupcake mask from Lush which targets oily skin but as my skin’s started to change a little I’ve really wanted to add hydration wherever I can so started to use the rose face mask – the scent alone sold it to me, it smells so beautiful. You have to keep the Lush Face masks in the fridge and they have an use-by date, so I always try and make time for a mask twice a week. It just makes me feel so good to take that time to relax in the bath or watch one of my favourite films whilst letting the ingredients calm and soothe my skin.

Coal Face, Facial Soap – Lush, £5.95

I try to exfoliate my skin with this once to twice a week as I can get a build up of black heads on my nose. If I over exfoliate my skin it just makes it feel really dry and irritated so this is enough for me. It lathers up quite well as a few fine grains break off the product that I can feel whilst massaging my face but nothing too rough. It smells of liquorish which I wasn’t a fan of to begin with but it works, so I’m willing to let that go.

St. Tropez Self Tan, Sensitive Bronzing Lotion Face – Boots, £21.50

With so many amazing sunless tanners around I avoid letting the sun touch my face without spf to reduce wrinkles and sun damage. I like to use gradual tanners and apply this twice a week just to give my bare face a little colour.


This may sound random but prevention is better than the cure. The skin around our eye area is so thin and fragile and can often show signs of ageing first. Be a diva and wear sunglasses whenever you’re outside, your skin will thank you for it.


Starting a daily skincare routine can seem like a hassle but trying new products and finding out what really works for you can be fun… and addictive! I promise you it’s worth the effort – for your skin long term but also because it helps you find time just for yourself!

Let me know your skincare favourites in the comments below or by hashtagging #teamsoirée, I would love to try out some of your recommendations.

Jenni x


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